I would like to be that voice for those who feel they can’t voice their concerns out of fear. It started with a simple thought that was based off of my own experiences.

The mother of the man I was dating whispered to me, “my son isn’t good for you, he is abusive and you need to seek help.” What is she talking about? I stopped and stared at her. I was confused and a little offended.

Nonetheless, it planted a small seed in my mind. Why did someone else think I was being abused?

why do women stay

in an emotionally 

abusive relationship 

even when they know 

they should leave?

I have no bruises, he doesn’t hit me. I have a good head on my shoulders, I would know if I was being abused. This whispering thought bloomed full force into a labyrinth of questions.

I know physical abuse is bad, but why haven’t I been warned against emotional abuse? Are other women going through this blindly? Can I help them identify this problem? Can anything be done about such an abstract issue?

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